AZAFLA provides the best and latest resources to our members, beginning with the Listserve.  Members are able to ask general or specific family law questions to all members.  Emails can be sent to all members or to only those members in a specific county.  When logged on to AZAFLA.com, members can send their question to members and exclude specific attorneys (ie opposing counsel) when the question is specific to a case.

AZAFLA.com also provides a database of case law for members to utilize when arguing their case.  Sorted by issue, a summary of the holding is provided for quick review with a link to open the full text of the case.  Their is no stronger argument an attorney can make than precedent.

The Database of forms provides members templates for Pleadings, Discovery, Disclosure, Orders, PArenting Plans, etc.  These templates are provided by AZAFLA members.

Reviews of Judges from our members can be an invaluable tool in preparing for yourself, and your client for trial.  Even the slightest bit of information about a Judge can highten your client's confidence in you.

AZAFLA.com also provides a Google search bar, as well as quick links to the most commonly visited websites of any family law practitioner, including all county courthouses, Judges' phone numbers, Arizona Revised Statutes, Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure, a child support calculator, Kelly Blue Book, Ariz. Corporation Commission, AZBar.org, Mapquest, and Dictionary.com.

AZAFLA.com is designed to be the best resource for family law practitioners.

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