AZAFLA was started to be the number one resource for family law practitioners. Through the various databases and the listserve available to our members, AZAFLA attorneys are able to provide the best representation to their clients.

ListServe – Allows AZAFLA attorneys to utilize the knowledge and experience of other practicing attorneys through email to all members or just selected members. When done through a member’s email provider, members can select to send an inquiry to members of a selected county or to all members. When done through the AZAFLA web site, members can again select to send the email to all members or just to members in a specific county AND also have the ability to exclude specific members from the email. This allows members to inquire about specific issues, Judges, or attorneys without the risk of opposing counsel receiving the email.

Case Law – The web site contains a database of case law relevant to family law practitioners. The database is available to all members and paralegals to search by specific issue for the cases needed to argue your point.

Database – Contains templates and examples of pleadings and motions used by family law attorneys. Members are able to download and modify these documents for their own use.

Judge's Review – Comprised of practicing attorneys’ reviews and opinions of family court Judge’s. From spousal maintenance to custody to relocation, this resource allows AZAFLA attorneys to better prepare for Court and advise their clients of what to expect.

Both Attorneys and their Paralegals/Legal Assistants may become members and utilize the above resources (except that paralegals/legal assistants cannot utilize the ListServe feature). The membership fee for Attorneys is $20 per month ($240 annually) and the membership fee for Paralegals/Legal Assistants is $10 per month ($120 annually). Attorneys may receive a refund of up to $40 per year for uploading relevant case law, reviews of Judges, or documents into the database.

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